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Where do we use feather flags?
Does your business have what it needs for interiors yet lacks an effective outdoor advertising solution? Feather flag is the most economical solution to outdoor advertising. Passersby are defenseless against their lure! Most companies use custom teardrop and flying banners to increase brand recognition, advertise new merchandise or exhibit logos and slogans in an outdoor setting. These pennants provide users with an excellent way to target potential customers. In addition, these custom feather flags are lightweight and feature portability. Actually, some banners even come with handy carrying bags. Combine custom feather flags with a pole, and set them up at any beach, plaza or any retail store.

Also custom feather flags are also commonly used for festivals, performances, street fairs and athletic competitions as well.. These banners are strong enough to stand up in fair to moderate weather, including wind, rain or snow. This is why they are called sail flags.

Source: custom flag and custom flags

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